About Nicolien de Jong - wardrobe & props, art-department & handmade

Nicolien de Jong is an Amsterdam based all-round stylist, with more than 25 years of experience in commercial work, photography and theatrical styling. 
With a background in fashion (Vogue Academy, Amsterdam) and a life-long passion for creating clothing and costumes by hand, Nicolien is multi-employable and does not shy away from big productions, either in the commercial or in the theatre world. 
Furthermore Nicolien is able to make what cannot be found anywhere else. 
Some examples are: design and realization of the suit of Dolf Jansen, handmade see-through costumes for Grolsch playboy print ads, creation and realization of ‘Bergen Beest’, design and creation of the dress in the 'Vedior Bis' commercial etc. 
Look at this website for a selection of Nicolien's work.

Nicolien de Jong  - wardrobe & props, art-department & handmade styling

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