About Foto Formation

Foto Formation is an Amsterdam based agency for photography, film and production which was founded in 1996. We represent photographers and directors in different disciplines like portraits, stills, sports, commercial, fashion, documentary, interior, food, travel, cars, art, beauty, nature and architecture. Besides productions for our photographers we also do productions for national and international clients like advertising agencies, as well as for magazines but also for independent photographers, directors and direct clients. Everything can be arranged from casting to catering and from props to post production.

We can manage complete productions or provide you with just one or more of our services listed below.

  • Photography
  • Film & Crew
  • Production
  • Models
  • Locations
  • Hair and makeup
  • Styling (fashion,interior,food)
  • Art Buying
  • Photo/Camera Assistants
  • Post Production
  • Modelmaking
  • Setproduction/Runners
  • Modelscouting
  • Decors/Setbuilders
  • Casting
  • Transport/Shuttle service
  • Sound/Music/Voice-Overs
  • Equipment
  • Studio
  • Catering
  • Directors
  • Animals
  • Locationscouting
  • Art-Department/Setdresser
  • Wardrobe/Props
  • Hotel/Accommodation
  • Digital support/operators
  • Production Manager
  • Live Casting
  • TVC
  • Gaffers
  • Editors
  • Animation
  • CGI

Throughout the years we have gathered many different locations (1500) and models (5000) which have become a full grown database. We can offer you a wide variety of models from all different ages and cultural backgrounds and send you very interesting locations to help you visualise your concepts. Please contact us for more information, we will be pleased to answer all your questions.