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Foto Formation is an agency for film and photography based in Amsterdam. We have over 20 years of experience and represent 20 (national and international) film directors, photographers & animators in different disciplines; advertising, portrait, lifestyle, still life, sports, beauty, interior, food, fashion and architecture. Besides productions for our own photographers we also produce for clients directly, from full service productions to single requests. Everything can be arranged from concepts to casting and props to post production.

We have a large Model- (4000+) and Location (2000+) database, in-house Stylists and a Hair & Make-up department. We work with the best people in the business for post-production, editing, sound design, you name it… We can provide you, amongst others, with the services below;

  • Photography
  • Film
  • Production
  • Models
  • Locations
  • Hair and make-up
  • Styling (fashion,interior, food)
  • Art buying
  • Concept development
  • Photo assistants
  • Post production
  • Model making
  • Set production
  • Model scouting
  • Decors
  • Casting
  • Transport /shuttle service
  • Tickets
  • Equipment
  • Studio
  • Runners
  • Catering
  • Mobile
  • Animals
  • Location scouting
  • Wardrobe/props
  • Hotel/accommodation
  • Digital support/operators
  • Video
  • Live Casting
  • Sounddesign
  • drone license
  • 360 photography

Throughout the years, while producing photoshoots, we composed a full grown location & model database. Our location database contains a wide variety (over 1500) of both in- and outdoor locations in different fields such as corporate, urban, domestic, sports, and leisure. Our model database consists of over 4000 unique characters of all ages and nationalities.

Have a look in our model database? Click here!
Have a look in our location database: Click here!

For requesting a proposal, our terms & conditions, or any other question, contact us!
You can reach us at +(31) 20 528 7777 (monday till friday, 9AM-5:30PM) or send an e-mail to info@fotoformation.com

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