Post Production

Our post production artist is the very talented Neda.

Born in Bulgaria, she moved to The Netherlands to study at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. After finishing the Interactive Design and Visual Effects programme in 2006 she specialised in high-end retouch, compositing and digitally generated effects both for film and photography. 

Freelancing since then, she is teaming up with an international group of photographers and directors which allows her to approach her projects in a cheerful and personal way. 

She works globally for various brands, corporations and film studios, whilst also finding time for experimental projects and creative puzzles.

1000 150715 axe s06 trailer couple-0594 rgb {title}
1000 vr ph marijke aerden 0776 rgb {title}
1000 rika marijkeaerden 6671 {title}
1000 vr mariage viii 17 by marijke aerden {title}
1000 vr by marijke aerden 18 4 {title}
1000 vr marijkeaerden 04 {title}
A (1) {title}
A (2)-2 {title}
A1-2 {title}
B (3)-2 {title}
B (4)-2 {title}
B! (1) {title}
B! (2) {title}
B! (3) {title}
B! (4) {title}
C (1)-2 {title}
C (2)-2 {title}
C (3)-2 {title}
C (4)-2 {title}
C (5)-2 {title}
C (6)-2 {title}
C (7)-2 {title}
Cs  8658 v02 8bit rgb-2 {title}
D (1)-2 {title}
D (2)-2 {title}
E-2 {title}
E-2 {title}
F (1)-2 {title}
F (2)-2 {title}
F (3)-2 {title}
G {title}
Hansanders0023 rgb {title}
Hansanders0706 rgb {title}
Hansandersantwerpen 0151 c2 rgb {title}
Hansandersantwerpen 0297 c1 rgb {title}
Hansandersantwerpen 1879 rgb {title}
Hansandersantwerpen 2422 c1 rgb {title}
Img 1035 srgb {title}
Img 1047 srgb c1 {title}
Img 1090 srgb {title}
Img 1110 srgb {title}
Img 1116 srgb {title}
Img 1144 srgb {title}
Izz 01-20170049 rgb c3 lrs {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-b-01 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-b-05 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-b-06 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-eneco-toon-03 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-eneco-toon-04 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-hema-matras-01 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-hema-matras-02-1 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-jet-vervest-ntjong-urban-stories-v3 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-oilily-fw2014-00052 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-oilily-fw2014-00151 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-oilily-kids-fw2014-02 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-philips-led-samson {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-philips-led-zoe {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-zeeman-cover {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-zeeman-underwear-campaign-01 {title}
Marijke-de-gruyter-zeeman-underwear-campaign-03 {title}
Nesquik 0935 kv4 c2 xt {title}
Nesquik picture1 0114 8bit srgb c1 4000px {title}
Nesquik picture2 0177 8bit srgb c2 4000px {title}
Nesquik picture3 0066 8bit srgb c1 4000px {title}
Nesquik picture4 0175 8bit srgb c1 4000px {title}
Nesquik picture8 0242 8bit rgb c1 {title}
Nesquik picture12 0156 8bit srgb 4000px {title}
Nl 84826 black friday c3 lrs vadrian {title}
Nl final portfolio grillen {title}
Nl final portfolio kochen {title}
Nl final portfolio ostern {title}
Nt maak0017 c1 {title}
Nt maak0026 c1 {title}
Nt maak0054 c1 {title}
Nt maak0151 c2 {title}
Ntjong 2018071788 c1 rgb {title}
Ntjong trojanwars 0354 rgb {title}
Ntjong trojanwars 0691 c2 {title}
Ntjong-vrekin0142 srgb c1 {title}
Ntjong-vrekin0326 srgb c1 {title}
Test gif 1920x1080 nseneco {title}
Tm sensana 2016 shot 2 027 srgb c1 {title}
Tm sensana 2016 shot 8 008 srgb c1 {title}
Tm sensana 2016 shot 10 016 srgb c1 {title}
Tm sensana 2016 shot 12 029 v02 srgb c1 {title}
Web 84925 c2 scene3 hs eci v2 rgb-1 {title}
Zonnatura amandeldrank comp 6 layered {title}
Zonnatura family 4000x2000 sketch copy {title}
Zonnatura {title}

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