About Liselotte Habets

After graduating photography at St Lukas, Brussels Liselotte moved to Amsterdam where she started freelancing in 2008. Since the birth of her daughter, 8 year ago, she discovered a new passion…… kids photography. She loves the innocence and spontaneity of the kids she is working with. Besinds working with kids she also works with adults.

The pictures Liselotte makes are little stories, told by their unique persons. Casting and location are very important for her work. Her work gives the viewer a positive feeling. 


  • Luna Magazine
  • Anon Magazine
  • Hooligans
  • Kids Magazine
  • Poster Child
  • Babiekins
  • Ouders van Nu
  • Meiden Magazine
  • Talkies
  • Viva
  • Grazia
  • Vice
  • Elegant


  • KPN
  • Crisp
  • C&A
  • ING
  • Intertoys
  • Mini Rebels
  • Someone
  • Le Big
  • CLic Shoes
  • Street Called Madison
  • The New Chapter
  • Nono
  • B.Nosy
  • Beach & Bandits
  • Like Flo
  • No Way Monday
  • Vila Joy
  • Claesen's

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