NEW TALENT! #6 Caspar diederik brings the world at your feet!

Caspar is part of the very talented collective Storytravelers. We will let him introduce himself: "You know, it’s crazy what can change in 6 years. I used to be a unit director of a sales company in the Netherlands, but after a few years I felt stuck with an ever-growing urge to pursue different goals in life. I wanted a lifestyle that was aligned with my passions and talents – I wanted to live my own legend! So I started travelling again, jumped into new projects, where the path eventually led me to southern Italy. Here, I began following my passion of showcasing journeys, people and destinations in their true, natural and authentic form, through the art of film. It was not long before this venture sparked the creation of STORYTRAVELERS. To me, my work is way more than just taking photos, filming videos, travelling the world and social media. It’s all of these moulded together with artistic expression, unlimited creativity, a passion for real connections, authentic experiences and the ability to share a unique vision with the world".