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We have a model database with over 4000 unique characters of all ages and nationalities. Besides models we offer a wide variety of special talents; actors, sports models, animals, hand models etc.
You can search & find models in our database from behind your own computer. Simply request a login and game on!
Of course you can also request a proposal or assign us for custom scouting.

- Register as a client via:
- Your request will be personally verified by us before you can log in
- After verifying your registration, you will receive a link to log into our online database
- You can check out our online model database
- Our database is (still) only available in Dutch. But below you can find a clear explanation with translation of the buttons and steps in order to make a proposal!

If you  want to make your own model proposal and want to check availability, follow the steps below:
- Go to and login to access your account
- Go to 'Voorstellen bekijken (= 'View proposals') in the menu at the top
- Click on the blue button 'Maak een nieuw project aan'  (= 'Create a new project')
- Please fill in all available info about the project. This makes it easier for us to offer an optimized proposal and to act quickly in case of a short turnaround 
- Give your project a clear name, so that we can easily find it. For example 'Client name - photographer name - baby 0 -2 yrs'
- You can request multiple model proposals within one project. At the bottom of each application  you can enter titles (for example 'children 12 to 16 years' or 'men 40+')
- Save the project via the green button 'Project opslaan' (= 'Save project') 
- Now you can add proposals! Click on the green button ‘Voorstellen & Modellen beheren’  (= 'Manage Proposals & Models')
- You can now enter the proposals you created yourself, containing still empty columns: ‘Er staan nog geen modellen in dit voorstel. Voeg modellen toe via de zoekmachine.’  (= 'There are no models in this proposal yet. Add models via the search engine' )
- Click on 'Zoekmachine' (= 'Search engine'), you will now automatically enter our database
- Enter your desired filter, and add favorite models at the check mark 'Selecteer om te koppelen (='select to link'), above the photo of the desired model
- At the bottom you will now see 'Koppel geselecteerde modellen’ (= 'Link selected models'); choose here which proposal you want to link the model to, and press the blue button ‘Modellen Koppelen’ (= 'Link models') 
- Let us know when your proposal is complete! We will check the models for availability and recent pictures + measurements

We can also make a model proposal for you:
- Please send briefing to:
- After receiving a clear briefing we will send you an estimate
- You can view the proposal by following the steps 'REGISTER AS A CLIENT' above
- We will link the model proposal to your account
- We will adjust the proposal, if neccessary, after receiving your feedback
- We will check availibilty + recent pictures as soon as we receive your preferences

- You can request an estimate / quotations if you want to book one ore more models via
- The negotiations and charges with models will be taken care of by Foto Formation
- If you want to book children under 13 years old we must apply for a working permit, we will charge a €50,- fee (for 10 children max.)
- We also offer a model-scout service; model-scouts can be engaged half or full day
Download the conditions of our agency


You can reach us at +(31) 20 528 7777 (monday till friday, 9AM-5:30PM) or send an e-mail to